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      National service hotline:+86-757-23663388

      Hello! Welcome to the official website of Guangdong Reignmac Machinery Co., Ltd.

        • EU CE certified products
        • United Nations supplier
        • National High-Tech Enterprise
        • Guangdong famous brand products
        • Adopt international standard products
        • Class A Quality Credit Enterprise
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        Committed to providing customers with better products
        ABOUT US


        "Reignmac"—— always focus on the steady development of woodworking machinery industry. He establishes a unique competitive on a global scale with a keen market sense and an innovative R&D team.
        Industry Leading Advantage Reignmac's products have been sold to more than 60 countries all over the world that makes him to be one of the biggest woodworking machinery export manufacturers in China.Meanwhile,he cooperates with more than 30 world wide brands for OEM,ODM projects. With the technological advantages,Reignmac keeps its leadership in the woodworking industry.

        Created in 2003

        3Ten thousand
        Has more than 30,000 square meters of production base

        2 invention patents

        4More than 40 technical patents


        Keep up with the times and provide the latest relevant information
        • Happy New Year's Day

          A new year is coming. On the occasion of this beautiful day, REIGNMAC woodworking machinery wishes you a happy New Year's Day! Happy family!More information of REIGNMAC four-side moulder

        • REIGNMAC four side moulder for paper machinery

          With the diversity of industrial production development, Reignmac woodworking machinery R&D team continues to combine production requirements to bring more possibilities to customers.